Critique Comments

“… The Chilean Guitarists Luis Orlandini and Romilio Orellana integrated this duet four years ago. Both of them are established soloists and in this case, they definitely duplicate their value playing in a duet. Their musicality and ideas of interpretation were an unforgettable and extreme musical experience.”

( Thérèse Wassily Saba, Classical Guitar Magazine, London, 2008)


…. The Sonata op.61 by Joaquín Turina submerges him in a deep introspection, where the ability of Orlandini to grasp the emotions of the audience, caused a powerful impact. The energy and virtuosity of his performance, in the four stylistic varied movements, keeps accumulating a world of unique sounds until reaching a climax of concentrated excitement and liveliness.

(Margaret Davies, Musical Opinion Magazine, London 2007)


“ Many young people in the audience enjoyed the Chilean musicians.... The performance of Professor Luis Orlandini, Rodrigo Guzmán, Sebastián Montes and Luis Mancilla, accomplished all technical and interpretative wishes. The sound possibilities of the Guitar were successfully applied to their music. The musicians outstood with their perfect “timing”, exact ensemble and fine and differentiated articulations ...”

( Reutlinger General-Anzeiger. Concert of Cuarteto de Guitarras de Chile, Germany, October 2006)


“ St. Martin’s was completely full on Monday, a legal bank holiday, and the audience was very attentive to the music interpreted by Luis Orlandini. .... The volume was a little soft, but when Orlandini adjusted it to the acoustics of the place, all of us were captivated..... Elogio de la Danza by Brouwer was interpreted with such a great dramatic sense, that the audience was completely concentrated. Even the squeaking wood benches at St. Martin, seemed to have been silenced by his performance.”

( Thérèse Wassily Saba, Classical Guitar Magazine, London, November, 2005)


“... this moment we have been witnesses of how two musicians are able to feel and transmit total pleasure when making music, how they transmit their musicality and talent to the public. ... they exhibited with great elegance their technical and stylistic extravagance full of dynamic contrast. The immense ovation that the public offered them did justice to an outstanding performance from every point of view.”

( Gilberto Ponce, El Mercurio. Luis Orlandini and Romilio Orellana Concert, Teatro Oriente, Santiago, Chile, January, 2005)

“... The Concert for guitar and orchestra by Alfonso Letelier was played... the interpretation was in charge of the outstanding national guitarist Luis Orlandini, who also recorded it with the same orchestra in a compact disk, at the “Bicentenary of Chilean Music” Series. The performance of Orlandini was extremely professional; he showed great knowledge of the work and of its expressive impetuosity...”

( Gilberto Ponce, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile , August, 2004 )


“The Guitar Duet integrated by Luis Orlandini and Sebastián Montes is at his best international level in technical virtuosity, besides the sound balance and an ideal mix of elegance and strength. ... The version of the Tango Suite by Astor Piazzolla was outstanding, full of changes in the phraseology and rhythm, which were surpassed with excellent mastery. “

( El Mercurio Newspaper, Santiago, Chile, September 1, 2003 )


“ The Concert for Guitar and tour instrumental groups, from peruvian Celso Garrido-Lecca, brought us the powerfull sound and the sharpness to create artistic images by the chilean Luis Orlandini…”

(Pedro de la Hoz, Gramma Newspaper, La Habana, Cuba. 18th. May, 2002)


“The most interesting night novelty was the Concert by Peruvian composer Celso Garrido-Lecca... the orchestra was not too heavy on the guitar, that sounded really wonderful in hands of the chilean interpreter Luis Orlandini, who was a real revelation.”

( International Guitar Festival, Montevideo,Uruguay, September, 2000 )


“The Concierto de Aranjuez found, in the guitarist Luis Orlandini a sovereign artist...”

(Frankfurt, Concert in “Alte Oper”, November 1997 )


“The Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo was substancially molded by the guitarist and master Luis Orlandini. He obtained a beautiful sound of his instrument, his technique is immense and his solos and dialogues with the orchestra were fulminating...”

( Bietigheim Newspaper, Germany, 1997 )


“It is really fantastic how this guitarist lightens the inner life of sound and emphasizes the colours shaping it; how his interpretations and sound project an almost endless palette of ideas!. Those who thought that the expressive possibilities of the guitar were limited, have not listened to Luis Orlandini. He will convert them.”

( Badische Zeitung, Germany, May 1993 )


“At Wigmore Hall...the Chilean-born guitarist, Luis Orlandini, made a very favourable impression. He commands a strong basic tone and his dynamic range is much greater than is usual with this beguiling but tricky instrument. Furthemore, he showed what fine pieces lurk almost unknown in the guitarist´s reach. It was a treat to hear some substantial offerings instead of the trivialities so often dished up. ... Orlandini displayed immense skill, wide range of colour and a musicianship which recalled the immortal Segovia. Orlandini´s artistry could be savoured at full stretch. He is a master, no doubt. Next time he is here there should be queues for tickets.”

( Musical Opinion, London, September 1991 )


“Luis Orlandini played these well known, elegant and popular variations outstandingly (Fernando Sor op.9). He bewitches with the six strings of his guitar, as if it was a whole orchestra. ... Luis Orlandini seems to be absorbed and forget about himself in this piece. He made use of all the technical posibilities of his instrument.”

( Badische Tageblatt,Germany, April 11th, 1990)


“... the champion of Chilean Guitarists, Luis Orlandini, showed such an extraordinary expressiveness and full posession in Sonata op.47 by Ginastera, that he should not be afraid of being compared with the world´s great guitarists of our time.”

(Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany, September 25th, 1989)


“a great,universal artist...” “... very gifted, highly skilled, sure of himself and with great taste, he was universal.”

(Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany, September 13th, 1989)


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