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The Chilean Guitar Quartet , made up by Luis Orlandini, Sebastián Montes, Rodrigo Guzmán and Luis Mancilla, made its debut in August of 1999 in Santiago de Chile. Since then it has given numerous concerts in Chile (Teatro Municipal de Santiago, Teatro de la Universidad de Chile, Goethe-Institut, Centro Cultural Montecarmelo, Sala Isidora Zegers and Quinta Vergara, Viña del Mar), Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Spain and Germany.

It has also performed the "Concierto Andaluz" by Joaquín Rodrigo with the Symphonic Orquestras in Lima (Peru), Mendoza (Argentina), Antofagasta (Chile) conducted by Celso Torres, in Concepción (Chile) conducted by Markus Poschner and with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile conducted by David del Pino Klinge. Besides, the Quartet has performed a guitar-transcription of the "Concerto for Four Harpsichords BWV 1065" by J. S. Bach and made the first release in Chile from the "Concierto Ibérico" for four guitars and orquestra by Federico Moreno-Torroba.

In 2000 the Quartet made its first CD with works by Telemann, Tschaikowsky, Brouwer, Piazzolla, among others. The same year it performed the work "Q-E-K" by chilean composer Fernando Carrasco; the first work dedicated to the ensemble. In 2001 - together with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile, conducted by David del Pino Klinge - it made its second CD with concertos by Joaquín Rodrigo. This recording appeared in early 2004 under the VMS label in Germany .

In 2001 and 2002, two big tours took place across Chile , in each of those a work dedicated to the ensemble was released; "Puelche" by Rafael Díaz and "Tangos de Hielo" by Juan Antonio Sánchez, respectively. Also in 2002 the Quartet made the world premiére of the Concierto para 4 guitarras y orquesta of the Chilean composer Carlos Zamora in Ingolstadt ( Germany ) together with the Kammerorquester Ingolstadt conducted by David del Pino Klinge.

Besides, the Chilean Guitar Quartet has performed in Madrid ( Spain ), Havanna ( Cuba ), where it was invited to the "Xth International Guitar Festival La Habana 2000"; in Montevideo ( Uruguay ) at the "Vaz Ferreira"-Hall and in San Jose ( Costa Rica ) to the "VIIIth International Guitar Festival 2001".

In October of 2004 the Quartet toured in Germany : Bürgerhaus Heddesheim, at the Gewölbekeller der Stadtbibliothek Weimar and ending at the Philarmonie's Chamber Music Hall in Berlin . In 2005 there were recitals in Argentina and Bolivia .


Dúo Orellana & Orlandini

This Guitar duo, integrated by the Chilean guitarists Luis Orlandini and Romilio Orellana, had developed an very interesting international career like Soloists and since four year like Guitarduo, he performed in important Concert Halls in Chile . He played also with Orchestra, the “Concierto Madrigal” by Joaquin Rodrigo with the Symphony Orchestra of Viña del mar , Chile , conducted by Miguel Patron Marchand.

Since 2005 they developed an important artistic Project denominated : “ Two Guitars for the Bicentenary ” (the 200 Years of the Independency of Chile, that will take place in 2010). Here the two musicians organized a lot of Activities like Concert tournée, new commissioned works, recordings and Exchange with the “brother-countries” of the Bicentenary, like Argentina , Colombia and Mexico .

In the last years they make several Tournée across many cities of Chile . In Januar 2008 they made a Europe-Tournée in London , Paris , Berlin , Geneva , Madrid and Salamanca .

They received several eloquent critique comments like the following :

“ We were witness that how two musicians can get to feel and transmit total pleasure to play music, when they get ensemble and they transmit their musicality and talent to the public…” (Critic to a Concert in Santiago at January 2005)

“ they displayed great technical ability, perfect musicality and great expression, proper of two great musicians with many years of experience in different stages.” (Critic to a Concert in Santiago , January, 2005)


Workshop of Contemporary Music UC

The Ensemble for Contemporary Music UC of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile began in year 2000 by initiative of students of the Institute of Music , to achieve the idea to create a space for the Interpretation of contemporary repertory.

Since that point, they take part in several festivals of contemporary music in Chile paying works of Chilean and foreign composers, some of them written specially for this ensemble.

In 2004 the Ensemble made their first CD “Chamber Works” with scores from the Chilean composers Cirilo Vila, Rafael Díaz, Alejandro Guarello, Daniel Osorio, Antonio Carvallo y Francisco Silva. Same year they made the recording of the CD ''Iaux- aus/ Káitek'', with music from some of these composers.

During years 2004 and 2006 respectively, they take part as organizators of I and II International Composers Meeting, where they made the first audition for Chile of the Mexican composers Hilda Paredes and Victor Adán, the german composers Theo Brandmüller, Johannes Fritsch, Caspar Johannes Walter, Nicolaus Huber y Juliane Klein, the brasilian Silvio Feraz and the argentinian Gabriel Valverde y Juan Carlos Tolosa.

The Ensemble is conducted by Pablo Aranda, and actually integrated by Claudia Godoy, mezzo; Cecilia Carrére, violin; Isidora Edwards, cello; Fernanda Ortega, piano; Alejandra Santa Cruz, contrabass; Nicolás Faunes, flute; José Chacana, clarinet; Luis Orlandini, guitar; and Polyana Castro, viola.